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Here at Best Laptop we strive to find the perfect laptop for you. We understand that everyones needs are different and therefore review a wide range of laptops to meet everyones unique requirements at the lowest possible cost to you. No longer will you waste money on features you will never use.

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TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR Review 82%

Picture of a TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR laptop

The TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR is Toshiba's answer to the price conscious buyer who is looking for decent performance at a low price. Looking to appeal to the mass market the Satellite C660D-1GR looks like it could achieve this.

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HP Pavilion g6-1353sa Review 82%

Picture of a HP Pavilion g6-1353sa laptop

The HP Pavilion g6-1353sa is HPs offering for the mass market powered by an Intel processor. At £380 it is more expensive than HPs AMD based entry laptops but it does promise to possess a little more processing power.

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LENOVO Essential G575 Review 76%

Picture of a LENOVO Essential G575 laptop

We know what you are thinking: Lenovo? never heard of them. Fair point, but im sure you've heard of them as IBM. That's right, Lenovo builds IBM laptops and also sells these laptops via its own brand Lenovo. This presents the opportunity of getting what is essentially an IBM laptop at far cheaper prices. The Lenovo Essential G575 is an entry laptop priced at just under £300 which is pretty much as low as the price tag goes, so lets take a look at what goodies you get for your money.

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HP Pavilion G6-1326ea Review 89%

Picture of a HP Pavilion G6-1326ea laptop

The Pavilion G6-1326ea 15.6" Laptop is an entry laptop with a dedicated graphics card to boost graphics performance. Priced at £350 it is targeted at the mass market and average laptop user suggesting that it should be up to the task of running a little bit of everything.

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COMPAQ Presario CQ57-426EA Review 71%

Picture of a COMPAQ Presario CQ57-426EA laptop

Another offering at under £300 is the Compaq Presario CQ57-426EA. I'm not sure that Compaq could have chosen a longer model name, but at least the price tag makes this an interesting laptop.

The first thing to know is that Compaq is owned by Hewlett Packard (HP) who are the worlds largest computer manufacturer giving you that reassurance of HP build quality and reliability.

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Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 Review 92%

Picture of a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 laptop

The Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 is an intriguing offering at under £300 it must be targeted at the entry laptop user, but looking at the specification that doesn't appear to be the case.

You get a lot for your money. The AH530 uses the Intel Pentium Dual Core P6200 2.13GHz processor which is built on the newer core i range of Intel processors consisting of what is essentially a re-badged i3 processor. This is a good thing and should offer plenty of power. The 4GBs of memory will be sufficient for anything you throw at it and a 500GB hard drive should take most people years to fill.

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Dell Studio 15 Laptop Review 90%

Picture of a Dell Studio 15 laptop

The Dell Studio 15 is shockingly good value for money for the quality and performance. Up to now our favourite medium range gaming laptop has been the HP Pavilion DV6 with its great balance of hardware components and power graphics card at its price range.

The Dell Studio 15 has a fast Intel 2.0Ghz dual core processor which will be able to handle any program with ease and will provide you with some good future proofing as new programs grow more demanding over time.

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Dell inspiron 15 Laptop Review 92%

Picture of a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop

Dells answer to the everyday laptop is the Dell Inspirion 15 . Starting at £299 for the most basic model it is one of the cheapest laptops you can buy right now without compromising on any build quality or reliability. This basic models comes with a single core processor the Intel Celeron 900 which is a very fast 2.2Ghzs. This will blaze through all your office program, music, and videos. The only time you might find this insufficient is if you want to run several programs at once, in which case for the model with a dual core processor. That is the great thing about buying a Dell, you can customise it to exactly the specification you need.

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Acer Aspire 5738Z Laptop Review 91%

If there is one thing we like about Acer the most it is their ability to delivery the latest technology while undercutting the competition on price without sacrificing reliability. The Acer Aspire 5738Z does not let us down bringing DDR3 memory and high definition (HD) to mainstream laptops.

Currently priced at just £340 you might think this is a budget laptop lacking any computing power but the truth is this could not be further from the truth. Powered by an Intel Pentium Dual Core running at 2.0 GHz the processor is no slouch and will easily tackle any office or media programs without breaking a sweat. All other laptops in this price range either have only single core processors or slower budget dual core processors so you are getting a real bargain with the 5738Z.

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Latest Laptop Articles

Things to Avoid when Buying Cheap Laptops

We all love finding a great bargain, but with cheap laptops its quite tricky to make sure you are getting value for your money. There are a number of things manufactures will do to try and keep their costs down which ultimately mean that you will get an inferior laptop. The following are their tricks revealed so you don't fall for their trap.

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What Is The Best Laptop Processor

By far the most frequently asked question by our readers is which is the best laptop processor. The answer depends on a variety of factors mainly what you wish to use your laptop for.

These days there are only two major processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel. Both make good processors and there is usually little to choose between the two brands in terms of performance so do not get caught up on choosing between the two brands. Instead, you will need to compare performance levels of individual processors to determine which is the most powerful. This can be done fairly easily by searching for processor benchmarks and reviews showing you performance results in nice little charts.

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What Is The Best Laptop Memory (RAM)

The tricky thing about memory is that if you do not have enough in your laptop your notebook will seem very sluggish and slow, however once you do have enough RAM then adding more will have no effect on performance what so ever.

Most laptop manufacturers boast about their laptops having 4GBs or more of ram but in truth you will struggle to find a laptop user that uses more than 2GBs. As a result the additional 2GBs that they have paid for never get used. Therefore as a general rule when buying a new laptop is to aim for one that has 2GBs. If it has more then fine, but do not spend extra money to upgrade the memory.

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Laptop Buying Guide: How to Choose your Perfect Laptop

Buying a laptop is never simple. With so many brands and all that hardware mumbo jumbo, how can anyone make any sense of it and be able to select the best laptop computer for their needs while getting the best price. While it can be daunting, there are a few main components that you need to know about to make an informed decision.

To help you understand what the best computer would be for you, we give a quick easy to understand overview of laptop hardware and then have several categories below. Read the descriptions and see which you fall into. We will then describe what attributes to look for based on your chosen category.

With a 2Ghz dual core processor and 4GBs of RAM this laptop will eat anything you through at it and the nice 250GB hard drive gives you plenty of room for your pictures and movies.

The Laptop Processor: The brain

Processors are just big calculators. They control what your computer does and are used in every task you set your laptop to run. This is perhaps the single most component in a laptop. Popular processors include the Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Celeron, Intel Atom, AMD Sempron, and AMD Dual Core.

The main thing to look out for is the number of "cores" a processor has and their "clock speed" measured in GHz (e.g. 1.8GHz). These days computers have more than one processor, or at least on the architectural level they do, but manufacturers still package them as 1 processor for simplicity. A dual core processor therefore is actually 2 processors in one. A quad core is 4 processors in 1. Generally the more "cores" you have the faster your laptop should be. The "core speed" is how fast these processors can perform calculations. Think of it as a car, the faster it can get from 0-60mph the quicker it will get from A-B. Same with the processor, the faster the clock speed the faster it will run programs.

Other less important factors to consider are:

Front side bus speeds: The higher this is the better, written in MHz (e.g. 667MHz or 800MHz)

Cache Size: The larger the better, written as Mb (e.g. 2MB Cache , 4MB Cashe)

Laptop Memory (RAM)

The processor needs somewhere to store all of its calculations while its working away. This is what the RAM is used for. If you do not have enough RAM your processor will be slowed down as it does not have enough "work space" to store data it is working on. Think of it as having to walk back and forth to a storage room as you do not have everything you need at hand to build whatever you are making.

In General the more RAM your laptop has the better. RAM is measured in GBs (e.g. 2GB, 4GBs of RAM). Additionally, like the processor the ram has a clock speed too. Just like with the processor the faster the better (e.g. 667MHz, 800MHz).

When buying a laptop, look for the largest quantity of RAM with the highest clock speed.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is absolutely vital if you want to play games on your laptop. For the gamer a laptop should be chosen primarily on the power of the graphics card. A graphics card will also have a clock speed, once again the higher the better. It also has memory, once again the more and the faster it is the better.

The best method for distinguishing between graphics cards is to search for a review of the card where they compare its performance with other cards. Be aware that majority of laptops have incredibly weak "integrated" graphics which will struggle to play any new game.

Look for a dedicated Graphics card if you are a gamer. Students, office users and internet surfers dont need to pay much attention to graphics power.

Hard Drive

This is where you store all your files and programs. The bigger the number measured in GBs the more space you will have for your files (e.g. 250GB).

All the Rest

Other items include a wireless receiver letting you connect wirelessly to the internet, an optical drive which these days is almost always a full DVD RW letting you watch and burn DVDs, card readers, webcams and microphones and an operating system.

Office Users

Luckily you dont need much computing power at all so almost any new laptop will be more than enough for your needs. Look for the best deal you can find but bare in mind that reliability is important for the protection of your data. Go for a well known brand with a good warranty policy.

Laptop Gamers

Find the laptop with the best graphics card! Then look the fastest processor and the most RAM you can find. Computer games are the most intensive programs needing the most power.

Best Value Seekers

If you are looking to get the best performance possible for the best price you will need to balance all the components .The processor is always important so give priority to that while making sure the system has enough RAM. Consider a dedicated graphics card if you intend to play the occasional game.

In the end most of us are dependant on the price of the laptop but bare in mind that sometimes spending a little more can go a long way in the laptop world. For those of you that are looking for a pink laptop should check out this pink laptop website for the latest recommendations of the best pink laptops right now.

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